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Experience the power of our Embedded ROS 2-enabled platforms, designed to deliver superior performance and enhanced interoperability in a wide range of robotic applications. From industrial automation to consumer electronics and beyond, our products are engineered to empower developers, system integrators, and innovators at every level.









by ROS

by ROS

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is an open-source framework that enables developers to easily create, manage, and integrate robot hardware components. It is widely used in the robotics industry, and is considered a crucial tool for anyone working in the field of robotics.

ROS provides a common set of tools and libraries that can be used to develop and control robot hardware, making it possible for hardware components from different manufacturers to work together seamlessly.

This is particularly important for the development of modular robots, which are composed of multiple interchangeable parts.

At Olive Robotics, ROS and ROS 2 are natively supported in all our products. This enables customers to create advanced, modular, reconfigurable robots that are easy to control and integrate.

Every olive™ component is preconfigured with ROS and ROS 2 out of the box.
No setup required!

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We Deliver Embedded ROS 2 !
Directly Into Robot Electronics

ROS and
ROS 2 in 5 grams

olive™ Robotics Optimized System on Module (SOM) is capable of providing embedded ROS 2 out-of-the-box with low-latency integrated DDS and is the key to building high-performance, industry-ready software-defined robot hardware peripheral interface. Its real-time compute capabilities paired with advance hardware abstraction layed SDK, built-in networking solutions and versatile IO, enable to ROSify any sensor or actuator with ease.

This is possible thanks to our custom-built robotics middleware layer, which allows us to support various robotic operating systems simultaneously. With olive™ SOM, you can easily add the computing power and functionality your robot components need to become more versatile, ROS-native, modular, and interoperable.

Tech specs
olive™ SOM

Our robot hardware components are powered by our System-on-Module (SOM), a 5 gram computer that fits in a tiny 32mm x 32mm footprint.

This OlixCore is ROS and ROS 2-enabled, allowing it to control, interface, and manage your robot hardware components while natively interfacing with the ROS ecosystem.

olive™ OlixCore can be purchased in batches.

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